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Updating your motherboard: Which motherboard drivers do I need?


Example: updating your motherboard drivers

In this example we will attempt to update a MSI motherboard with type P67A-GD65 (socket 1155, revision b3). We have extracted this information in a previous article: What motherboard do I have?

Step 1: Visit the MSI website

moederbord drivers updaten stap 1 bezoek de msi website

Step 2: Search for your model number: p67A-gd65

moederbord drivers updaten stap 2 zoek op het juiste type in dit geval de p67A-gd65

Step 3: Visit the product page

moederbord drivers updaten stap 3 de productpagina

Step 4: Select your operating system

Go to Download>Drivers and enter your operating system.

moederbord drivers updaten stap 4 vul het juiste besturingssysteem in

Step 5: Search the chipset drivers.

The chipset drivers are usually hidden in a long list of audio, sata, usb and other drivers. In this example the Intel Chipset driver is the second result.

ps: It is usually a good idea to install and/or update other drives you just found. Only the sata and usb drivers are seldomly updated.


Hopefully this article has helped you find and install your chipset drivers. Please let us know if you succeeded!