Sometimes you need to know which cpu socket your motherboard is using. For example, when you are thinking about upgrading your cpu or even just your cpu cooler. Basically the socket number places your motherboard into a a bigger family of similar boards. This article will demonstrate how figure out which socket you are using.

Identify your Motherboard Socket

This tutorial will use CPU-Z to find the right information. The app is completely free, contains no spyware, no advertisements and is only a few megabytes.

Step 1: Download CPU-Z

Download CPU-Z from the official CPU-Z website. You can choose between the installer and the zip version. We recommend using the zip version because it does not require installation. You can download the zip version here.

Step 2: Start CPU-Z

Simply start CPU-Z after your download is complete. If you choose to download the zipped version then you can even run it directly from the zip.

afbeelding van het opstarten van cpu-z om de informatie van uw moederbord uit te kunnen lezen
CPU-Z is starting…

Step 3: CPU tab

het socket type van uw moederbord vindt u in het tabje cpu

The package line will show your socket: This example is using Socket 1155 LGA.


Using CPU-Z we were able to quickly figure out our motherboard socket. Did you succeed? Something unclear? Please let us know!


  • Erich Marais

    If I have a 1155 LGA CPU, does it necessarily mean my motherboard can’t support i5 (1155)

    • Sebastiaan de Kooter

      Hi Erich,

      You can ignore the LGA part :). So your socket is 1155. This means it supports Sandby Bridge and Ivy bridge. It does not matter if it is i3, i5 or i7. Just look at the first number.

      Sandy bridge (2): i3 2100, i5 2500K, i7 2600K
      Ivy bridge (3): i3 3200, i5 3570K, i7 3770K

      You cannot use any newer cpu, so no 4xxxx, 5xxx and 6xxx.

      Before you upgrade please make sure you updated to the latest bios.

  • João Vítor Palomino

    I have an I5 3330 and want to get a 6600, do i need to change my motherboard?

    • Sebastiaan de Kooter

      Unfortunately yes, the 6th generation Skylake series is not backwards compatible. If you happen to own a Z-type chipset right now then you could try to find an i5-3770K. When overclocked that cpu will actually beat the i5-6600.

  • James

    I have a 7th gen i5-7200u proccessor for my laptop, i would like to know what other proccessors are compatible? i belive it is a Intel series 100 chipset.

  • Kent Ko Bay

    what if someone owns the motherboard and the cpu is busted and they want you to replace the cpu how could we determine now the motherboards socket? Is there any alternative ways to know the motherboards socket like there’s a printed of the motherboard?

  • Aidas

    Thanks really helped!

  • dlfan

    Awesome thanks!