About us

PcInside provides high quality information for anyone interested in hardware. We offer educational resources, how to’s, tips and reviews. We launched as a Dutch website in 2008 and hope you have an awesome experience.

PcInside timeline

December 2008

Launch of pcinside.info as a Dutch non-profit website aimed at providing answers for commonly returning tech related questions.


Introduction of the PC Buy guide: a component selection with the best value for money for for self assembled pc systems (no other Dutch website was doing this at the time).


Implementation of true multilingual support: Dutch and English.

September 2010

Milestone: 3000+ monthly page views (3235)

Janary 2011

New record: 3437 monthly page views.

June 2011

PcInside was taken offline due to a lack of time (masters degree) combined with vulnerabilities in the security of the Joomla content management system.

September 2011

PcInside relaunched.

May 2013

PcInside 3.0: PcInside was recreated from scratch and relaunched based on Joomla 2.5. This meant content updates, new design, new templates, new features. The forum and best buy guides were removed.

June 2013

PcInside 3.1: Introduction of Reviews, Android a new menu and a new URL structure.

August 2013

PcInside 3.2: Responsive design and mobile website.

PcInside 3.3: Social media integration (Facebook, Google Plus).

November 2013

Pcinside 3.4: Improved navigation, speed and content was split across multiple shorter articles.

Milestone: 3000 monthly page views (3098, first time since 2011)

May 2014 

Milestone: 5000+ monthly page views (5841)

June 2014

PcInside 4.0: A complete rebuild of the (Dutch) website based on Joomla 3. This update featured an improved structure, updated design, improved page loads, rich snippets and lot’s of content updates.

November 2014:

Milestone: 20.000 monthly page views (21385)


November 2015
PcInside 5.0: A completely new website based on WordPress replacing the old Joomla system.